rent an retro photo booth for your wedding reception or reunion in SC. South Carolina brides love our photobooth and we're headquartered in Aiken SC  

rent a photo booth for class reunion or family reunion

Old-time fun for your special event

If you're planning a Class Reunion, a Family Reunion or even the 175th Anniversary of Aiken - we can make it a lot more fun.

Whether you envisage a multiple-day event, like a homecoming weekend, or a once-off evening gala, you can simplify the process, build extra fun into the occasion, and make the benefits last forever by including a photobooth rental in your preparations.  We've updated the concept and gone all digital - but the fun part of the experience is still the same.

It's the ultimate icebreaker when your class mates or other associates cram into the booth for almost-instant photo strips.

We use a computer-controlled digital camera to produce high resolution professional images every time.

Guests enter the booth and draw the curtains (if they choose to do so). Following simple voice instructions, they pose for three or four quick portraits. They can be as serious or fun-loving as they choose.

As soon as the last image is taken, a fast computer processes the images and sends them to our professional dye-sublimation printer. Dry, odorless printers produce a pair of photo strips in about 15 seconds after the last exposures.

Special graphics - no extra charge - complete each strip with the name of the event and the date. You can bet your guests will hang onto this unique memento, and they'll probably be hanging on refrigerator doors for years to come.

It's easy for you - we'll do all the work!

Where can the photobooth be located?

Any place within 20 feet of a standard power outlet, as long as it's flat and dry. The booth has a footprint of about 3 by 7 feet. It's transported in compact form but if the venue is on an upper floor and there is no elevator we need a second person to help get it up the steps.

Will you help us run it?

Of course! One of our photobooth professionals will set up and operate the booth or booths at your event. They are specially trained to get the maximum performance and fun from the system.

How many people can be in one photo?

Two or three adults can sit in the booth, but the curtains can be opened so even more can pop their heads in the shot. The more, the merrier.

We need even more space for our big family - what can you do?

Planning a big reunion where you'll want photos of big groups? By prior request, we have booths without walls. We'll bring an oversized background so you can pose big groups (up to twelve people or more). Our photographer will even provide posing tips for better group portraits. Still ready right away, same one low price.

How about a big group photograph?

group pictures taken free at your family reunion or class reunion

With all the resources of Chris' Camera Center behind us, we can do it all! We can pose and photograph groups as large as 200 people so that you can see the faces clearly. And there's no extra charge - your guests just pay for the prints.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters is in downtown Aiken, South Carolina. We can travel almost anywhere. If your venue is more than 25 miles (by Google Maps) from Aiken there's a travel fee.

How soon will my photos be ready?

After the last photo is complete the pictures are printed in about 15 seconds. We use a professional dye sublimation printer that is both fast and produces extremely long-lasting photos in color or black and white.

And people keep them for years.