rent an retro photo booth for your wedding reception or reunion in SC. South Carolina brides love our photobooth and we're headquartered in Aiken SC  

Getting the most from your photo booth rental

Let's make sure your guests truly enjoy the photo booth (and that way you'll truly get your money's worth!)

Preparing the venue: We will need one 120 volt electrical outlet that doesn’t have anything else plugged into it, fairly close to the booth. The ceiling has to be at least 6 1/2 feet high. Let us know if we’re going to be on historic hardwood floors, we’ll bring an area rug to protect them.

The booth location must be level and dry. If your event is outdoors, you have to consider the possibility that it might rain. Yes, even on your special day, rain is possible – so you’ve got to have a Plan B for the booth location.

We’ve got to be able to get to the location easily. If there are steps between our parking location and the booth location, we may need physical help. Talk to us about it in advance, please.

The booth won’t be the hit of the party if nobody knows we’re there. Place us where people can see us. If there’s a bar, near that is usually a busy place.

Let there be light! Or at least, enough that people can see us.

We’ll need a table to lay out props and the guest album. And we can’t have guests spilling food and drink on the props or your album, so a nearby bus table is a wise precaution.

We want to make your Big Day even more memorable, and planning is the key.

Thanks for making us part of the happiness.